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Repair & Care

If your Kompanero piece sustains any marks or dirt, we recommend wiping with a clean, damp cloth (microfibres are best).  Please avoid any household soaps or cleaning agents that are not designed specifically for leather care. 

Should your companion piece become wet, please do not use a heat source (eg. hairdryer) on the item; simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth and allow to dry naturally at room temperature.  You may wish to place the item on a clean cloth to prevent any colour transfer. 

When storing, it is best to use the natural cotton dust bag provided with your purchase and avoid placing in plastic and/or direct sunlight.  

Product Disclaimer

As leather is a natural product derived from animal hides, slight variations in the texture and colour should not be considered a ‘fault’, but instead an inherent quality, completely typical to the product itself. 

Each Kompanero piece is unique and designed to age differently – natural wear and tear is completely normal and may include slight changes in leather texture and colour over time. 
If you have an issue with your KOMPANERO bag, please contact the authorised retailer you bought it from (with your proof of purchase) for them to address.

Each Kompanero product has a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects.